Welcome to The Stirling Foundation!


We are all about teaching kids how to live and introducing their parents to some fun stuff along the way. We use nature to lead the play and the rest takes care of itself. There is always something interesting to find and to do, even in the smallest natural space. We aim to take kids away from the synthetic environment they tend to find themselves immersed in more and more often these days through screentime and deadlines, and reintroduce them to life outside of this sphere. In falling back into engaged play in fresh air, kids soon find themselves freed from their day-to-day worries and reunited with their inner vibrancy.

As a parent, it is an absolute pleasure to witness this arise in your children again and to enjoy sharing this part of them. They will soon be running up to you and tugging at you frantically, trying to show you the next exciting thing they have  discovered or share a new trick with you. As adults, it is a time to remember that this vibrancy exists within us too, only it is too easily forgotten in the day-to-day rush and routines. We are just facilitators for these experiences, they are not hard to come by and are generally free, but they do require a little effort and commitment to seek out and enjoy. We hope we can help you on this journey. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We hope to hear from you soon!