Kids Workshops

Coming Soon:

Art therapy for kids Lose yourself in nature as you study objects of interest and recreate them on paper. Develops fine motor skills, observation and concentration, and provides a calming space to wind down in a busy world. Cost: $20 per two hour session (includes resources)

Animal tracking Follow an animal’s every move as you study their prints. Each print will tell you it’s own unique story. Develops observation and concentration, and enables kids to reconnect with a sense freedom in the fresh air. Cost: Free

Cupcake decoration Make your own toppings for sweet treats and enjoy them in a Mad Hopper’s Tea Party with our white rabbit, Babbity Brown Toes. Cost: $15 per one hour session

Soft toy creation Design and make your own unique and adorable soft toy. These workshops are based on our sewing kits (see the online shop for more details) made for kids by kids! Cost: $20 per two hour session (includes resources)

Please contact us to find out if this course is right for you or if you have any questions.